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More about me!

Kawleen Singh.jpeg

It is my firm belief that we are shaped and defined by our experiences, even the simplest ones. What makes me as a graphic designer today is an accumulation of a lot of experiences I’ve had over years. And it is these experiences that bring the x factor in the designs I have to offer.

School projects, an undergrad degree in leather design and my interest in DIY projects made me a person who loves hands-on projects which in-turn turned me to packaging design. Having learnt different dance forms since childhood to playing sports, movement of things have always fascinated me, the love for which I now found in motion media design.

But what I offer as a graphic designer doesn’t just stop at packaging design and motion design. I may not be the among the most amazing graphic designers the world has to offer, but I am definitely dedicated, hardworking, hilarious, whimsical and thoughtful.

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