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Masala Box

Awards & Features

Packaging + Interface

A self-directed project that tells a unique story about my interests and personal goals. In this project, I have incorporated my experiences in homemade skincare through a brand that makes handcrafted soaps. Ingredients have been carefully picked from the easily found natural ingredients in Indian kitchens. A reusable packaging with graphics inspired by the bright and colorful Indian truck art.

Research and target audience

Research and target audience Ayurveda, a system of medicine that originated in India more than 3000 years ago also found its way in regular skincare. Majority of indian women and some men while growing up in India have used a blend of some of these spices for skincare, almost regularly. But as we grow up we tend to have no time for skincare.

From the survey, my target audience was circled to be women between the age of 25-45. Most of them wanted a good skincare regime but had no time. They wanted something quick and reasonably priced. And definitely something that was more natural. 

masala box website layout-06.jpg

After proposing the idea of ayurvedic natural ingredients in soaps that could not only save time but also give good skincare everyday made most them say yes. Some requested reusable packaging to avoid plastic waste.

Mood board

masala box website layout-07.jpg


Colours chosen have been taken from the Indian kitsch art, bright and fun

masala box website layout-08.jpg


For the logo, Bellerose Light has been used as the base typeface, which is further modified to give a slight Devanagari touches. This has been done to give the brands kitsch look and making sure it is still readable and neat. The round typeface features have been maintained to give round shape of the bubbles that are incorporated in the main design. 

masala box website layout-02.jpg

Visual representation of ingredients

masala box website layout-03.jpg

Final box

Since the core idea is to bring the benefits of these masalas into everyday skincare, the way these are stored in Indian homes happened to be the major inspiration for the packaging. And thus came the name ‘Masala Box’.

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