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Marvel Women

Data Visualization Project

Marvel movies have always brought excitement to everyone who’s been a fan of the comics.

From the first Iron Man movie to the latest End Game, superheroes have always inspired some of us. While choosing a topic for this data visualisation project I chose to throw some light on Marvel’s female superheroes. After collecting information from various sources, I chose 10 female superheroes from a  total of 182 female characters from both the comics and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The project was divided in two parts; first one being the representation of data through journalistic visualization and the second one through an experiential artistic visualization.

MAGAZINE FOLD 1_edited.jpg

Part 1 Journalistic data visualization

The 10 female superheroes chosen were represented through their appearance, the year they were first introduced in, which actor played the role in the movies, their powers and a comparison between their powers. Layout is a gatefold to be printed as a center page of a magazine, which can also be used a poster.

Part 2 Artistic data visualization

From the powers of the selected 10 female superheroes comes an interactive experience. Scanning a QR code at a comic con will let people choose the super power options given to them in the form of icons. Each icon represents a power and the number of times its tapped will be the intensity people would chose. The result is a beautiful pattern and the reward will be a take away poster of that the pattern. 

A4 Poster Mockup.jpg
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